Judy Regrut

Judy Regrut

The Telluride Education Association is honored to announce the Judy Regrut has been selected as the school district’s Employee of the Month for February. Regrut serves as administrative assistant for the Telluride Elementary School, which comes with a vast array of duties and responsibilities: greeter, scheduler, security, messenger, care giver, morale officer and much more. Thanks, Judy, for all that you do, School wouldn’t be the same without you.

Name: Judy Regrut aka “Miss Judy”

Time in town: Eight years

Time working for the Telluride School District: Seven years

Life before Telluride: Worked at Eagle Valley Elementary School and Karats Jewelers

Why did you pursue a career in education: It found me! With three kids, I had to find something that worked with my kids’ schedules.

What the average citizen/parent needs to know: I have twin senior girls and a son in eighth grade. Also, I’m a jeweler and specialize in stringing pearls.

Best part of Telluride: The mountains.

What colleagues say: “She does an exceptional job helping everyone and makes the system work with all of the teachers and staff over here and she’s a phenomenal team player.”

“Judy Regrut is both the glue and the grease. She holds it all together and yet keeps it all moving. Thanks for the innumerable things you do everyday to help students, parents and staff.”

What kids say: “Ms. Judy is SO NICE! When I am late she helps me go to class.”

“Ms. Judy knows where everything is and how everything works. When my daddy has a question, she always knows the answer.”

Best part of working in a school: Being part of such a great community.

The Telluride Education Association, the professional association of Telluride’s teaching community, decided to initiate the Employee of the Month program as a way to acknowledge the hard work of all of the dedicated professionals working in the Telluride School District.

The program is open to all employees of the District, regardless of membership in TEA, and is based on anonymous nominations. Representing a majority of the district’s teachers, TEA works closely with school

administration to negotiate all teacher contracts, stay current with the ever changing landscape of educational policy and legislation, and inform and implement school district initiatives.

The association invites community involvement and feedback. If you have any questions about the Employee of the Month program, the Telluride R-1 School District or education in general, contact the TEA Executive Team at teaexec@telluride.k12.co.us.