Seller: Jason and Shay Rathbun  

Buyer: Michael and Jennifer McGill 

Property: 300 Elk Park Road, Telluride 

Price: $2.2 million 

Seller: Mariellen Boomsma 

Buyer: 121 Lodges LLC   

Property: 121 Lodges Lane No. 16, Mountain Village

Price: $2.825 million 

Seller: Nancy Frank

Buyer: Christopher and Wendy Blau    

Property: 162 Park Lane, Telluride

Price: $1.9 million

Seller: Richard Groman 

Buyer: Gregory Keshishian and Sharon Gaisford  

Property: Cristina’s Way (vacant), Telluride 

Price: $1.025 million 


Seller: Lichliter Family Trust  

Buyer: Ryan and Elsa Boccuzzi  

Property: Kestrel Drive (vacant), Placerville  

Price: $340,000  


Seller: Arthur Frigo  

Buyer: Rafael and Carmen Lamuno  

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 401-10, Mountain Village 

Price: $85,000  

Seller: ALA LLC and ALB LLC  

Buyer: Path Light LLC  

Property: Preserve Drive (vacant), Telluride

Price: $960,000 


Seller: Dewitt and Allison Hicks

Buyer: Lance and Julie Markowitz

Property: Lot AR20 Singletree Way, Mountain Village

Price: $805,000 

Seller: Nakata Oursler Trust

Buyer: Craig Jackson 

Property: 110 South Pine Street No. 2A, Telluride 

Price: $1.425 million 

Seller: Stephanie Fanos

Buyer: Jay and Kerri Gerrie 

Property: Lawson Point (vacant), Mountain Village  

Price: $375,000 

Seller: Sargeant Living Trust 

Buyer: Christopher and Mary Haver 

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 404-6, Mountain Village 

Price: $57,000 

Seller: Aten Living Trust 

Buyer: Christopher and Mary Haver 

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 207-9, Mountain Village

Price: $57,000

Seller: Vandemeer LP  

Buyer: Cameron Salehi Trust

Property: Mountain Village Boulevard (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $965,000 

Seller: Clifford Pastor  

Buyer: Eitan and Kylie Lewin-Arundale

Property: 807 Harcourt Trail, Placerville 

Price: $480,000 

Seller: Thomas and Anne Singley  

Buyer: Baker Family Trust

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 511-16, Mountain Village 

Price: $43,000

Seller: Dog Star Trust

Buyer: Andrea Vicars and Jill Dozier 

Property: 129 W. San Juan Ave. Unit R7, Telluride

Price: $925,000 


Seller: William and Lori Thompson

Buyer: Jay Raval and Marian Ravel-Rollins

Property: 350 South Mahoney Drive No. 2, Telluride

Price: $1 million 


Seller: Telluride Adventure Properties LLC 

Buyer: Samuel and Katherine Owen 

Property: 622 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 411, Mountain Village

Price: $1.135 million 

Seller: Cowatcha LLC 

Buyer: Josh and Mary Jane Wolke

Property: Sunset Circle (vacant), Telluride 

Price: $349,000 

Seller: Joy Ramaekers Colorado Properties LLC 

Buyer: 114 Autumn Ln LLC 

Property: 114 Autumn Lane, Mountain Village

Price: $6.5 million 


Seller: Mario Petillo and Tina Anderson

Buyer: Henry and Peyton Lester

Property: 967 County Road 43Z N, Norwood

Price: $535,000 

Seller: Michelle Caporicci 

Buyer: Living the Dream Telluride LLC 

Property: 333 Adams Ranch Road No. 301, Mountain Village

Price: $955,000

Seller: Drake Siblings Family Partnership 

Buyer: TSG Ski & Golf LLC 

Property: Prospect Creek Drive (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $535,000 

Seller: Jesse Young

Buyer: Sajun and Paula Folsom 

Property: 503 Young Way, Norwood

Price: $295,000

Seller: Michael Blevins Trust

Buyer: Coonskin Ridge Cabin Lot LLC 

Property: La Sal Lane Unit 25 (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $600,000

Seller: Retreat at Mountain Village III LLC 

Buyer: Bontke Family Trust

Property: Country Club Drive (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $750,000


Seller: Peter Pitts

Buyer: Sunshine Mesa Land & Cattle Co LLC 

Property: 1324 Morningstar Lane and vacant land, Telluride

Price: $3.6 million 

Seller: Elise Boeh 

Buyer: Mark Moffatt and Katharine Hall 

Property: 765 W. Highway 145 Unit E1, Telluride

Price: $665,000