SEPT. 23

OVERDUE: Overdue hikers were all accounted for and law enforcement stood down.

UNSAFE: A tractor-trailer partially blocking traffic on Highway 145 near Ophir was cleared.

WEED, WHACKED: Someone called in to say they’re found a small bottle of Colorado legal on a walking path, but by the time deputies made contact the weed had been tossed.

SEPT. 24

THAT MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY SMELL: A truck with burned out brakes on Highway 145 was moved to a safer location.

DEEP INSTINCTS: Deputies and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials responded to a report of a dog attacking wildlife.

DON’T FENCE ME IN: A deputy assisted CPW with a deer stuck in a fence.

SEPT. 25

FOOD FIGHT ESCALATION: A fight over food between roommates took a turn for the worse when one pointed a firearm at the other. The unarmed male defended himself. The suspect was taken to the clinic in Telluride for treatment and then booked into jail.

A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Four horses broke loose in the Norwood area.

SEPT. 26

STANDING BY: Deputies performed a civil standby while a resident collected personal belongings from their former residence.

MISSING PERSON: Possibly. The sighting is being investigated.

WORSE THAN A BRONCOS QUARTERBACK: A motorist was given a warning for making bad passes in a no passing zone on Highway 141.

HERD INSTINCT: A dog was caught chasing cattle on the north side of the Valley Floor near Telluride.

BOOZE SNOOZE: Deputies investigated a report of a man passed out in a truck in Lawson Hill. The vehicle description was similar to a report received by Mountain Village PD earlier that day. Deputies located the man at a nearby apartment and he was, indeed, intoxicated. A sober friend was contacted to make sure the snoozer didn’t get behind the wheel again.

NO RESTRAINT: A deputy observed a motorcyclist pulled off the road and talking animatedly on his cell phone. His plates were run and the deputy learned there was a protection order for a person near to where the motorist was yelling on his phone. Turns out, the person being protected didn’t live there anymore.

DUI: A Norwood woman was arrested for felony DUI, driving with a suspended license, open container and weaving.

SEPT. 27

DE-PLATED: A license plate was removed from a vehicle and entered into the system as stolen.

ALMOST DRUNK: A person was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence but was released when a blood test revealed he was just under the limit. Before being released to the custody of his wife, he got a lecture about drinking and driving.

SEPT. 28

LIGHT FINGERS LOUIE: A man was arrested for a warrant out of Arizona for car theft.

FUNNY MONEY: Deputies are investigating reported counterfeit money located when an inmate was booked at the jail.

SEPT. 30

BEARING WITNESS: A person saw a bear in the Placerville area.

A LIST AS LONG AS YOUR ARM: A 28-year-old Montrose man was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, prohibited use of a weapon, open marijuana container in a vehicle, driving under restraint and failure to display lamps,

OCT. 1

LAND OF THE LOST: A deputy assisted a group of lost tourists at the junction of Highways 145 and 62.

FRAUD: If someone you don’t know asks for money over the phone, don’t give it to them. Such a ruse was called in to the SMSO.

BLEW ITS COOL-ANT: A deputy assisted a motorist with a car that had overheated.

OCT. 2

GRASS FIRE: No, not that kind … deputies assisted Telluride fire crews with a fire in a field on a nearby mesa.

FIELD TRIP: Deputies transported a prisoner to Denver.

OCT. 3

DUI: An individual was arrested for driving under the influence and for violation of a protection order.

GRASS FIRE, REDUX: A controlled burn got out of control and since it was the second time (see Grass Fire above) fire crews had to respond, the owner of the residence was charged with fourth degree arson.

OCT. 4

LOCKED IN: A vehicle was locked inside the Mary E campground after the forest service closed it for the season, but was released.

OCT. 5

THE DEVIL’S HAIRDRYER: A leaf blower was stolen from a residence in Sawpit.

OCT. 6

SHOT IN THE DARK: Deputies took a report of people shooting guns near Telluride, but could find no evidence of such activity.

RECKLESS: A driver near Bridal Veil Falls was given a warning for reckless driving.

RAZOR BURN: A deputy took a report of a Razor driving recklessly down Black Bear Pass, but could not locate said vehicle.

UNFORGIVEN: A 54-year-old man was arrested for a Telluride municipal warrant for trespassing.

NOT DRUNK, JUST LOUSY: A reckless driver thought to be intoxicated was just a lousy driver and given a written warning.


SEPT. 24

ABANDONED BIKE: A purple Gary Fisher bike was locked to a fence and partially blocked a sidewalk. Marshals clipped the lock and took the bike back to the station.

SEPT. 26

ROAD RAGE: After running a stop sign, a man followed the driver of the car he almost hit back to that person’s residence where the verbal abuse continued. He was popped for harassment and driving with a revoked license.

FRAUD: A local man was bilked for around $500 over the phone before he realized it was a scam.

SEPT. 27

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A couple was jailed when an argument turned physical.

SEPT. 29

DISTRACTION: A driver became distracted, drove his car off the road and earned a carless driver citation for the episode.

SEPT. 30

SWIPED: A license plate was stolen off a truck while its owner was at work.

Editor's note: Cop shop is compiled and written by Daily Planet staff.