FEB. 27

DON’T LET THE DOGS OUT: A problem with loose dogs Down Valley was resolved with the owner agreeing to keep them fenced in on his property.

MEDICAL ASSIST: Deputies were first on scene for a person who’d fallen in Norwood and remained with the patient until medical personnel arrived.

FEB. 28

THE PLATE ESCAPE: A license plate found in the Mountain School parking lot was run and determined to belong to an Ophir vehicle owner.

CRASH: No one was injured in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 145 near Old Butterfly Road.

UBER OPPORTUNITY: A deputy gave a courtesy ride from the airport to Telluride.


ENTER TOWMAN: When you’re stuck in a snowbank, or vehicularly disabled, the tow truck service achieves hero status.


ROCK ON: A rock in the road was not there when deputies arrived.

IN PARK: Parking issues in Hillside were resolved by the time deputies arrived. No contact with vexed citizens was made.

THE DIVISION OF STUFF: An individual reported that, following a breakup, an attempt to peacefully transfer belongings would be made.

THE RIDE OF THEIR LIVES: A transit van was pulled over and cited for making a bad pass and speeding.


CHECKUP: At the request of a family member a welfare check was conducted on a man who’d been sick and was not answering his phone. He was fine and said he did not require medical attention.


CARELESS WAYS: A motorist was cited for careless driving.

DOGGONE ANNOYING: Deputies took a report of a nuisance dog in the Norwood area.

ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER: Deputy stopped a vehicle with a license plate that did not come back to a registered vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was found to have no license or valid insurance. The driver was arrested, and during the inventory search of the vehicle Schedule 2 drugs were located in the driver's purse.

TWO FOR ONE: Two men at the same location were arrested for felony menacing, 3rd degree assault and protection order violation, and for a protection order violation and disorderly conduct, following a report of a disturbance.

NIL CREEK: A car camper at Mill Creek was advised of better places to lay his head.


FEB. 24

NO HANG TIME: An officer assisted an individual who’d missed the last Gondola.

FEB. 28

CHILLY: Two cold hit and run accident reports were taken.

VOICES CARRY: A verbal dispute was ended by the parties agreeing to separate for the night. One party was given a courtesy ride to Mountain Village.


PROTECTION ORDER VIOLATION: It said he was prohibited from consuming alcohol. He was consuming alcohol.


PUMP UP THE JAMS: But not after hours, please. A local watering hole turned down the music after the local constabulary fielded a complaint.

DISORDERLY: And we’re not talking about my house right now. Whew. Who’s got time for housework? TMO assisted MVPD with an arrest for disorderly conduct.

NO-TELL MOTEL: Officers assisted a tourist that couldn’t find his lodging for the night.


HOLLABACK: Two involved in a shouting duel were separated.

IS THERE AN ECHO IN HERE?: Officers couldn’t locate another set of agitated conversationalists.


LIKE PEACHES AND HERB: A stray dog and its owner were … Everybody sing … Reunited and it feels so good.


THE BUS STOPS HERE: An intoxicated passenger on public transportation was removed from the bus and counseled on his behavior.

CHOMP: Officers took a report of a dog bite.

MEDICAL ASSIST: Officers were on hand with emergency medical personnel for an unresponsive person.