Telluride Local Media Associate Publisher Maureen Pelisson with the top advertising award at last year’s Colorado Press Association convention. The company won the award again this year for the third year in a row. (Planet file photo)

For the third year in a row, Telluride Local Media won the Advertising Excellence Award at the annual Colorado Press Association (CPA) Better Newspaper Contest. The award was for work completed during 2019 in the Telluride Daily Planet and its sister publication The Watch, as it recognizes the news organization with the most first- and second-place honors in each respective category. The company received six advertising awards and two design honors.

“The Telluride Daily Planet staff has done a phenomenal job once again. We are especially gratified to receive the overall Advertising Excellence Award for the third year in a row,” Telluride Local Media Publisher Andrew Mirrington said. “Our advertising and design teams have truly become experts at making it easy for small, local businesses have great advertising across an array of print, digital and social media platforms.”

The company’s first-place awards are Best Real Estate Ad for Sally Puff Courtney (designed by senior account manager Dusty Atherton, marketing & digital specialist Lea Battey, production manager Hanah Ausencio and layout artist Nola Svoboda); Best Restaurant Ad Siam (Atherton and layout artist Casey Nay), Best Cover Design for the Adventure Winter 2019 magazine; House Ad Promotion (Battey and Ausencio); Best Classifieds Section (former classifieds sales representative Jenny Klein, Battey, Ausencio and Svoboda); and Best Large Space Ad for the Telluride Balloon Festival (associate publisher Maureen Pelisson and Ausencio). The company’s second-place awards were for Best Use of Color in an Ad for ASAP (layout artist Rick Bickhart and Atherton) and Best Cover Design for The Watch’s “Year in Review” (layout artist Kristal Franklin, Ausencio and Svoboda).

Realtor Sally Puff Courtney said it was nice to be recognized.

“I am very honored to have my ads reach the press awards standards,” she said, giving thanks to the ad team. 

Pelisson echoed Mirrington’s sentiments and commended the efforts that go into creating an award-winning product.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team. Having their work recognized by the Colorado Press Association is an outstanding achievement,” she said. “Winning the Advertising Excellence Award for the third time in a row, and for the fourth time overall, is testament to our team’s hard work.”

The award ceremony and annual CPA convention, which was scheduled for the last weekend of April in Glenwood Springs, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The association instead held an online award ceremony live for all participants and will post all the results on its website at this month. Mirrington recognized the difficulties newsrooms are experiencing during this time and praised the company’s ongoing efforts in putting out papers as there haven’t been any changes to the production schedule.

“Above and beyond these awards, I'm just very proud of the entire Telluride Daily Planet team right now for their work amid the challenging recent conditions,” he said. “Our staff, especially our reporters, have been working harder than ever to continue to cover all angles of the news for the community, so it's nice to get a little recognition at this time.”