Happy New Year to all of you. As we begin our journey into not only a new year — a new decade — I want to express my gratitude to everyone who placed their trust in me to serve you for the next four years. I believe we all have many things for which to be grateful:

We have started off this winter season with a bang due to great snowfall and continued cold weather. That weather brought the visitors in droves for the holidays.

As we will hear during the (Town) Manager’s report, we have logged a record high in Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) in a given month. December 2019, will go down as the highest RETT earnings Telluride has ever seen. And, 2019, has a bottom line overall that is higher than anticipated or budgeted.

I am so pleased to announce that all of the Silver Jack condos and most of the Longwill 16 condos are now occupied. Seventy-six people, including many children, will have new homes going into this new decade.

I believe we all have many things for which to be grateful. We should enjoy and appreciate the positive things that we are experiencing. We also need to remember what we have been through and plan ahead.

This year is a great snowfall year, so far. Two years ago we were facing the worst drought season in perhaps 50 years.

We have collected an unanticipated and much needed amount of RETT funds in 2019. Ten years ago we were in the midst of the Great Recession, and it affected every aspect of life here: jobs, services, housing.

We have provided housing to 26 households with the two newest housing developments. There were 99 households who submitted applications. And, there are hundreds more on waiting lists for rental housing here in town and in Mountain Village.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this team of seven individuals for the next four years. I believe that you put your trust in me to keep things real and not simply sugar coat the state of the town. We will work together and with our other government and community partners to find the best solutions and prepare for the lean times during these times of plenty.