OCT. 11

NOT NECESSARILY BEAUTFUL, BUT STONED: A driver pulled over for speeding was arrested for driving while under the influence of jazz cabbage.

SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: A no contact order was served to a Telluride resident.

SOMEONE CARES: Deputies confirmed a Norwood resident was OK after receiving a call from a concerned out-of-state relative.

OCT. 12

EIGHT MILES HIGH: And when he touched down, he was in the jailhouse for driving under the influence of drugs.

UNRESTRAINED RESTRAINED DRIVING: A deputy on patrol witnessed a near miss head-on in San Miguel Canyon and contacted the driver, a Naturita man, who was subsequently arrested for driving under restraint and for several active warrants.

OCT. 13

TUESDAY’S GONE WITH THE WIND: An individual was sought so that a deputy could deliver a warrant, but they were long gone.

KNOCK-KNOCK. WHO’S THERE?: Warrant. Warrant who? Warrant you glad you answered the door? Perhaps not. A woman was served a warrant.

IT’S ON THE BUMPER, MAN: But no license in the wallet resulted in the arrest of a male subject.

OCT. 14

SCHOOL DAZE: The SMSO was contacted by a Hillside resident concerned about the lack of school bus service at Hillside, Eider Creek and Brown Homestead. He was referred to school officials who actually have information on school bus schedules, turns out.

OCT. 15

LIKE THAT SMELL IN YOUR FRIDGE: A Norwood motorist was contacted for expired registration and found to not have a valid drivers license.

WHAT GOES UP: Children climbing a Chair 7 tower came down when parental units arrived.

AGREEABLE: The driver of an RV parked on private property agreed to move when asked.

OCT. 16

DEERCEASED: Deputies took a report of a deer killed by a motorist on Highway 62.

OCT. 17

AT LEAST HE PULLED OVER: A motorist parked on a blind curve to use his cell phone. He was asked to find a better place to send a text.

BARKY MCBARKSALOT: Hunting dogs were barking in the back of a pickup truck while the owner was having dinner.

OCT. 18

END OF THE LINE: A motorist was arrested on multiple charges following a traffic stop.


OCT. 6

FAMILY AFFAIR: Officers mediated a family disturbance.

OCT. 7

MEDICAL ASSIST: Officers assisted emergency medical personnel with a cardiac patient.

TIPSY: An overly inebriated individual was rendered assistance.

OCT. 9

CUFFS, LINKED: A male was arrested for violating a restraining order after officers received a harassment call.

OCT. 10

MEDICAL ASSIST: A woman collapsed and officers helped emergency medical personnel.

HELPING HAND: Officers provided backup for sheriff’s deputies on a traffic stop, and again with an assault arrest.

BLACKOUT: A sudden loss of blood pressure resulted in an individual losing consciousness. Officers were on hand to assist medical responders.

OCT. 12

ASTRAY: A roaming dog was returned to its owner.

OCT. 14

ROADKILL: An officer hauled a dead deer out of the road.

TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT: Officers assisted medical responders with an individual that was not only inebriated, but who had consumed too many edibles.

SNOW DAZE: An intoxicated party passed out in the snow required assistance.

OCT. 15

TRICK OR TREAT: A bear broke into a house and ate the Halloween candy.

CROSSING GUARDS: Officers escorted elk across the highway.

NO ROOM AT THE INN: A disturbance at a local hotel resulted in an arrest for assault.

OCT. 16

IS TOURIST SEASON OVER YET?: Obnoxious restaurant patrons triggered a call, but they were gone on arrival.

ONE MAN’S TRASH: Is a bear’s treasure.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: Landed in this time-space continuum, was really loud, but abided by local customs and lowered the volume.

MEDICAL ASSISTS: An unwell person and a reported overdose required medical personnel.

OCT. 17

BLIND TO FACTS: A driver was cited for driving under restraint.

OCT. 18

9-1-NEVER MIND: Two 911 calls were deemed accidental.

OCT. 19

HEARING THINGS: A noise complaint was unfounded.

HITTING, RUNNING: Numerous reports of hit and run incidents were logged this week.