SEPT. 22

Seller: Daniel McGavock   

Buyer: Goeh Jung and Young Sook Kim  

Property: Stonegate Drive (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $925,000

SEPT. 23

Seller: Randall Grant Trustee   

Buyer: Robert and Lynn Hutchinson

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 311-50, Mountain Village

Price: $18,000

Seller: Homestead LLLP

Buyer: Steve and Darleen Story

Property: Vacant land, Norwood

Price: $400,000

Seller: Amy Brelsford and Murat Unal

Buyer: Love Shack LLC

Property: River Trail (vacant), Placerville

Price: $255,000

Seller: Paul and Nancy Talmey

Buyer: Patricia Bode Trust and Todd Kunkel

Property: 395 Flying Husky Trail 

Price: $1.855 million

Seller: Peter Dodge

Buyer: Stephen and Nicole Finger

Property: 1422 Wagner Way, Telluride

Price: $7.995 million

Seller: 632 West Columbia LLC   

Buyer: Christopher and Patricia Arndt

Property: West Columbia Ave. (vacant), Telluride

Price: $2.7 million

Seller: Farrar Living Trust  

Buyer: Tye Jensen and Sarah Klaben

Property: 60 Sunrise Circle, Telluride

Price: $1.584 million

SEPT. 24

Seller: Amy Cannon

Buyer: Stephen Sonke and Juli Shore-Sonke

Property: 619 West Columbia Ave. No. 141, Telluride

Price: $490,000

Seller: Dyer Family Trust

Buyer: 8091 Preserve LLC

Property: 8091 Preserve Drive, Telluride

Price: $7.6 million

Seller: Martin Ebright   

Buyer: Doug’s Mtn LLC

Property: 1332 East Colorado Ave. No. 205, Telluride     

Price: $230,000

SEPT. 27

Seller: Quisenberry Family Trust

Buyer: Kate Tocatjian

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 316-11, Mountain Village

Price: $49,000

Seller: Joel Samuelson and Christen Hanley   

Buyer: Cole Dissinger

Property: South Reserve Drive (vacant), Norwood

Price: $105,000

Seller: Hayden and Audrey Cadwallader       

Buyer: Darlene Drown

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 301-8, Mountain Village

Price: $105,000

SEPT. 29

Seller: Claville and Sharon Blanchard

Buyer: Sara Vavra

Property: 155 Hayden View Trail, Placerville  

Price: $1.8 million

SEPT. 30

Seller: Robert and Barbara Hall

Buyer: Charles and Leslie Leaver

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 302-56, Mountain Village

Price: $70,000

Seller: JG Melton Condo LP

Buyer: CW Properties LLC  

Property: 115 Aspen Ridge Drive units 4CC and 4GG, Mountain Village

Price: $375,000

Seller: William and Ellen Walton

Buyer: Bonnie Hay

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. Unit 212-11, Mountain Village

Price: $60,000

OCT. 1

Seller: Carl and Gloria Luff

Buyer: Andrew and Angela McMann

Property: 747 West Pacific Ave. No. 518, Telluride

Price: $1.25 million

Seller: Cheatham Trust

Buyer: Herve and Isabelle Chain   

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 213-5, Mountain Village

Price: $47,000

Seller: 8823 Holdings LLC

Buyer: Mark Callender and Suzanne Nikolaus

Property: Lone Cone Meadows Lane (vacant), Norwood

Price: $150,000

OCT. 4

Seller: Dale and Lori Grubb

Buyer: J and Leigh Brown

Property: Elk Wallow Road (TBD), Placerville

Price: $200,000

Seller: Matthew Renz

Buyer: Eric Volkman and Kendall Burman

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 411-7, Mountain Village

Price: $60,000

OCT. 5

Seller: Jake and Sonja Ames

Buyer: Delton and Blair Poole

Property: 215 West San Juan Ave. Unit 103FH, Telluride

Price: $321,483.60

Seller: WO Properties LLC

Buyer: Robert and Nancy McClain

Property: 360 South Pine St. No. 3, Telluride

Price: $1.4 million

OCT. 6

Seller: Kennedy Family

Buyer: Moran Mountain Properties LLC

Property: Vischer Drive (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $2.595 million

Seller: Ellen Yarrell

Buyer: Theo and Renate Fleisch  

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 505-1, Mountain Village

Price: $110,000

Seller: Greg Craig

Buyer: Matthew Baker and Benjamin Malnar

Property: Peninsula Drive (vacant), Placerville

Price: $735,000

Seller: Margaret Bercovitz

Buyer: Bamba and Biggins Trust

Property: Albert J Road (vacant), Telluride

Price: $669,000

Seller: Scott and Mary Heape

Buyer: Claude Guidi and Wayne Lewis

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. P52, Mountain Village

Price: $84,000

OCT. 7

Seller: Gordon and Carole Hulst

Buyer: Daniel Cooper

Property: North Gurley Lake Drive, Norwood

Price: $175,000