DEC. 14

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU: A felony investigation is underway following the seizure of a controlled substance during a routine, pre-flight security baggage check.

JUST MY IMAGINATION: A driver reported he may have slid into someone, but the other motorist drove off. When contacted, the second motorist said there was no hit, no damage.

DEC. 16

THEFT: A property manager for a mine company reported a storage unit on the West End of the county was broken into and some items stolen. The incident is under investigation.

WHERE’S MY CAR?: It’s at an impound lot after being towed from the   county intercept lot where it had been abandoned and was impeding snow removal operations and public transportation.

HIGHWAY SLALOM: A motorist was contacted for weaving on Highway 145.

DEC. 17

AGENCY ASSIST: SMSO assisted Norwood fire on a medical call.

SLEEP IT OFF: A disturbance was reported in Norwood between a male and a female. The female was found to be highly intoxicated and walking around. A deputy took her back to the residence and she agreed to go to sleep.

DEC. 18

CHOMP: A Wright’s Mesa resident reported being bitten by his dog. The dog is in quarantine until vaccination records can be confirmed.

DEC. 20

CAUSE FOR CONCERN: A Telluride area resident called to advise the Sheriff's Office of a criminal episode that took place in Montrose the previous week. The case was investigated in Montrose and the offender was arrested. The caller was concerned about possible retaliation from the suspect when he was released from Montrose jail. No further criminal episode had taken place.

CACOPHONOUS CASE: A call was taken about a noise complaint in Lawson Hill.


DEC. 17

LACKING ORATION SKILLS: A man was reportedly shouting profanities at passersby in Elks Park, but was gone when officers arrived.

OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD: A subject was arrested on outstanding warrants.

SNOOZE ALARM: An intoxicated and passed-out male on the River Trail was moved along.

DEC. 18

FLAMBE: Burnt food activated a fire alarm.

DEC. 19

TANGLED UP AND BLUE: Officers assisted the driver of a dump truck that had become ensnared in overhead wires.

DEC. 20

CRASH TEST DUMMY: Officers made an arrest for driving under the influence following a car crash.

DEC.  21

BOOTY CALL: A booted vehicle was released from the cold, steely orange grasp of a car boot, the kind favored by parking scofflaws.

BULLY: A puppy was injured in a dog fight.

DEC. 22

TAKE A DRUM AND BEAT IT: Officers contacted a man who was beating a drum and calling people sheep.

TODDLED OFF: A coatless toddler was corralled and returned to the parents.

DON’T ASK, DON’T GET: Drum guy was fully on the radar again, first for knocking on a door and asking residents if he could spend the night (Um, no.), and again when he was found crashed in the elevator at Silver Jack. One wonders if officers were tempted to tell him to beat it.

DEC. 23

HIT AND NICE TRY: A motorist involved in a hit and run could only run so far when the long arm of the law nabbed him.

DEC. 24

COOKED GOOSE: A fire alarm was activated when Christmas Eve dinner was incinerated.

DEC. 25

SLEDDING ACCIDENT: Officers assisted EMS with a sledding accident.

HAPPY HOLLERDAYS: The subjects of a noise complaint agreed to tone it down.

DEC. 27

MEMORY IN PARK: Officers assisted a motorist in locating his parked car.

KRISPY KREME-CAPADES: A doughnut-maker on slick roads was gone when officers arrived.

DEC. 28

ROUGH CROWD: A man shouting at passersby was advised there were better ways to meet people and make friends.

DEC. 30

TESTING, TESTING, 1-2-3: Officers provided traffic control at Carhenge while COVID-19 testing took place.