It doesn’t happen often, but it’s happened before, though not in San Miguel County in recent memory. A rare ballot snafu is being speedily addressed thanks to voters aware of what they could expect to see on their ballots, and to protocols at the Secretary of State’s Office already in place to address such an occurrence that have been put in motion by County Clerk Kathleen Erie.

“It’s not the first time this has happened, so the secretary of state has a neat way of fixing it,” Erie said.

County ballot question 6C asks voters in the unincorporated portions of the county to weigh in on a mill levy increase request to help fund the county’s Solid Waste Disposal District, which funds recycling and disposal programs, the annual holiday tree chipping program and costs of running the Norwood Transfer Station.

Some voters in Placerville noticed the omission and contacted the clerk’s office, though Erie reported that 13 Placerville residents had already submitted their ballots.

Erie is currently in the process of contacting the affected voters so that they can be provided replacement ballots. As for the 13 ballots already received, Erie said she will hold those ballots and they will be able to recast their votes. If she is unable to contact them or if they do not pick up another ballot, those ballots will be cast.

The incomplete ballots were sent to residents in what is considered Placerville town limits, though the “town” is not an incorporated municipality.

Erie said she has been encouraging early voting since this midterm ballot is so big, and offered her sincere apologies to those Placerville residents who did so and will have to revote.

“I apologize most sincerely,” she said.

Placerville voters who do not see county question 6C on their ballots, or who live in Placerville but already voted, are asked to call the clerk’s office at 970-728-3954 to obtain replacement ballots so they can vote by Tuesday.