FUEL HEIST: Deputies took a report of the theft of some personal belongings and several gallons of diesel fuel from an oil and gas drilling site in Dry Creek Basin.

TO THE BRIM: A citizen reported Trout Lake was very full and wanted assurances that it was safe. A deputy and an Ames hydro-plant worker assessed the situation and determined all was well.


DUI: A 33-year-old Dolores man was arrested for driving under the influence.


DOE DOWN: A dead deer was removed from the highway near Ophir.


SO MANY: A deputy was advised of a poor driver on the road, but could not locate the suspect vehicle.

DOMESTIC: A 34-year-old Norwood woman was arrested for second-degree assault and domestic violence.


CALLED HIMSELF IN: A Norwood caller reported he was being assaulted, but when deputies arrived on the scene it was determined that he had been trespassing on private property and had been told multiple times to leave before the homeowner used reasonable force to make him leave. All parties were OK and the caller received a warning.

WARRANT ARREST: A Norwood man was arrested on a county warrant for failure to appear.


GHOST IN THE MACHINES: A party left a voicemail with a deputy describing suspicious things happening with her devices in her home. Attempts to make contact have been unsuccessful.

STRAY COW BLUES: A deputy assisted a rancher with moving a stray cow from the highway.

CALL IT MORNING DRIVING THROUGH THE SOUND AND IN AND OUT THE VALLEY: Deputies assisted Colorado State Patrol (CSP) with a two-vehicle accident in the roundabout.


MY LICENSE? IT’S ON THE BUMPER, MAN: You do, in fact, need a license to drive a vehicle.

THE PEACEFUL ROAR OF TRAFFIC: Responding to a report that people were camped alongside Highway 145, a deputy determined that they were legally camping and it was their choice to pitch a tent along a highway.


GUN THEFT: A resident called to report his firearm had been stolen.

BLACK OPS: A deputy tried to catch up with a black Subaru whose driver was making some unsafe maneuvers, but got ditched past the roundabout.

PLEASE, DON’T BE MY NEIGHBOR: A Lawson Hill resident reported two instances of trespassing by an aggressive neighbor.


JOE DIRT: A dirt bike rider without a license plate made a bad pass and was called in to the authorities.

BAD FORM, OLE CHAP: A deputy, after observing a vehicle pass another when it wasn’t clear, pulled over said vehicle and issued him a citation for failure to display valid registration, having expired plates and passing on the left when not cleared.

THESE ARE NOT THE GOOD OLD DAYS: A driver was issued a citation for failure to provide a seatbelt for a child when he was observed driving down the Spur with kids in the back of a pickup truck.

CLOSE CALL: An Arizona woman and her young daughter driving Down Valley, hit the cliff wall, rolled and almost went into the river. Neither was seriously injured.

THE ODDNESS: Deputies and the Telluride Marshal’s Department responded to a report of a man at the Lawson Hill campground who was acting oddly. The local constabulary determined he was definitely acting oddly. They were able to extract a local address from the man and transported him there. Odd.


DOMESTIC: A 31-year-old woman was arrested for domestic violence and other charges.

BLESS THE BEASTS: A deputy and two citizens shepherded a mother grouse and her eight chicks across the highway.

RENTED ANXIETY: Renters contacted a deputy to express concerns about the safety of the home they’d rented and had questions regarding whether a man in the area was safe to be around. The deputy suggested if they felt unsafe, they could perhaps find a new place to stay.


UNHAPPY CAMPER: An intoxicated and disorderly subject — a 40-year-old Fort Collins man — was arrested at the Mary E. Campground on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

WAS IT A BLACK SUBARU?: A deputy combed the area after receiving a report of a reckless driver, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

UNGULATE GAPER: A deputy gave a driver a better option for stopping on the side of the road to look at wildlife.


EMS CALL: A person with breathing difficulty was assisted at the Lawson Hill Campground by EMS responders.

IT’S ALL UBER FOR YOU: A woman was cited for careless driving, reckless endangerment, weaving, impeding traffic, driving in the wrong lane and failure to stay in the designated lane.



RESTRAINING ORDER VIOLATION: A man with a restraining order preventing him from contacting the police, behaved in a threatening manner toward two local cops working in Town Park during Bluegrass. He menaced them by violating personal space and then with a bike, before reporting to other cops at the festival entrance that “creepy men” were harassing him and his daughters. The “creepy men” he accused were the cops he’d just threatened. So they arrested him.


WE LIVE IN BEAR COUNTRY: So locking cars and not leaving food in cars are a couple of rules worth following. A bear or bears trashed a couple cars on this night.

MAD LABS: A pair of black Labs tied outside of a retail shop acted aggressively toward the store employee as he was placing things for sale outside the shop. They barked and one bit him on the thigh, near his crotch. The woman owner told the dogs, “No!” and offered to replace the man’s jeans, which were torn. He called the cops, but could not provide a clear description of the couple, nor could tell them which way they’d walked once they left the store. The bitten man declined medical attention and said the bite did not break the skin, but will cause bruising.

DUI: A woman was arrested for driving under the influence when she was observed speeding and weaving. Asked on a scale of 1-10 how inebriated she was, she told the cop, “I’m not unsober.” She blew a .180.


NOT THE INTENDED TRIP: A man with a bag of magic mushrooms was arrested at Bluegrass.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: A woman was arrested at Bluegrass in possession of numerous substances, including MDMA, magic mushrooms and an assortment of pills.


LITTLE EXPLETIVE: A man was bitten by a small terrier-type dog when he tried to pet it.

HONEY, HAVE YOU SEEN MY PIECE: A man left his handgun and holster in a rental unit after he’d checked out. When contacted, he was running a river and not planning on returning to Telluride so he sought to have the firearm shipped to him.

Editor’s note: Cop shop is compiled and written by Daily Planet staff.