LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE: A motorist reported a dog near Fall Creek that seemed perilously close to the highway. Turns out, he was snoozing in the sun, safely away from traffic.

UNAFFORDABLE: A boater advised authorities of a Jeep in the river below Slick Rock. The matter was turned over to the BLM.

AS IF: A reportedly drunk driver was contacted and assessed to be just a poor driver.

VICIOUS: An investigation into a report of a vicious dog in the Ski Ranches is ongoing.

WORKS ON COWS, TOO: Deputies assisted EMS with a bicycle accident in which the rider got his leg stuck in a cattle guard.

ATV ACCIDENT: Numerous agencies assisted a woman who had rolled her ATV in the Lone Cone area and sustained serious injuries. She was flown for treatment via Care Flight.

CRACKUP: Deputies responded to a two-car collision near Society Turn. Two patients were transported to the clinic.

KABOOM: A deputy responded to the area of Lawson Hill for the report of mortar fireworks being launched. The deputy was unable to detect any fireworks or determine their origin.

SLOW DOWN IN THE CONE ZONE: A driver was issued a citation for speeding through the construction zone in the Deep Creek corridor.


WARRANT ARREST: A Norwood man was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

GOOSED: Deputies assisted with a bicycle accident on the Galloping Goose Trail.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: A motorcyclist in an accident on Sunshine Mesa was transported to the clinic with non-life threatening injuries.

HOW NOW, DEAD COW: A possibly expired cow was reported in the West Meadows area.

SPIRIT ANIMAL: A possibly injured coyote could not be located.

DOMESTIC: A 33-year-old Placerville man was arrested on domestic violence and other charges.


WENT FOR A SWIM: Deputies took a report of a rafter on the side of the river near Sawpit. A Search and Rescue recovery mission was successfully undertaken.


BUM KNEE: Deputies assisted a person with an injured knee but who refused EMS services.

FALLEN: A hiker fell on the Cornet Creek Falls hike but could get down under his own power.

ROADSIDE ARGUMENT: A deputy looked in on a vehicle with its hazards on to find that the occupants were having a verbal altercation. Nothing criminal but the two went their separate ways.


DRY DOCK: A boat came off its trailer and deputies helped secure it.

STRANGER THINGS: Deputies received a report of a man who went to a studio/office in Placerville and made a woman uncomfortable while possibly trespassing. A description was given and a man contacted and detained for investigation. After speaking with the involved parties it was determined the man did not violate the law. He was released from being detained without a charge.



DOMESTIC: A woman was arrested on domestic violence charges.


TALKED HIMSELF INTO IT: An inebriated man was denied entrance into a local establishment, which made him hostile toward the doorman. A patrolling police officer contacted the man, whose aggression escalated. The man’s friends tried to separate him from further trouble but were unsuccessful. The man was taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol car. Another officer arrived on scene and the man was told he would be released into the custody of his friends. However, when asked for identification, he became irate and combative again, so the offer to go free was rescinded and he was taken to the pokey.


SPECIAL DELIVERY: A baggie found in the post office containing an ounce of cocaine was handed over to the marshal’s office.

UNDERAGE: Officers apprehended two teen males who were visibly inebriated and in possession of fake IDs. One was contrite and polite, the other was not.

BEAT IT: A man was cited for trespassing at Telluride Town Park and was banned from the park for a month.


WARRANT ARREST-PLUS: A man who was car camping was taken to jail for an outstanding warrant.


NO LONGER BI-PEDAL: A man who was unable to stand or walk was contacted in front of a local eatery, when it was discovered he had a warrant out for his arrest.


UNDELIVERABLE ADDRESS: A pill bottle containing methamphetamine was found at the post office and given to the authorities.

VRB OH-OH: Officers contacted a man with a backpack passed out on Main Street. He said he couldn’t find his VRBO and the officers offered to help him after asking for ID. A bag of psychedelic mushrooms emerged from his backpack while he was looking for his ID. The officers were obligated to take him into custody. The report noted how polite the man was in spite of the circumstances.