Seller: Michael and Susan Jhin 

Buyer: David Johnson

Property: Adams Ranch Road (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $810,000

Seller: Vargas-Johnson Living Trust  

Buyer: John Adolph 

Property: 350 South Mahoney Drive No. 20, Telluride

Price: $1.14 million

Seller: Michael Blevins 

Buyer: Caleb Hudak  

Property: Coonskin Ridge Lane (vacant), Mountain Village 

Price: $500,000


Seller: Matthew Lynch and Paradox LLC

Buyer: Eat-2106 LLC

Property: 133 North Aspen St., Telluride 

Price: $2.835 million

Seller: Robin Andrews 

Buyer: Haus Home LLC

Property: 8100 County Road 58P, Placerville

Price: $1 million 

Seller: Rogers & Rooks LLC

Buyer: Cory and Mariza Brimhall

Property: Sunset Ridge Drive (vacant), Telluride

Price: $390,000


Seller: NGNF LLC

Buyer: Daniel Kondo 

Property: 21661 Highway 145, Placerville

Price: $550,000

Seller: Sebastian James LLC 

Buyer: Front Street LLC

Property: 110 Front Street, Placerville

Price: $720,000


Seller: Stuart Gibson and Deborah Bash

Buyer: Keith Buchholz   

Property: High Bluff Drive (vacant), Placerville

Price: $460,000


Seller: Brenda Van Der Mije

Buyer: Gregory and Beth Moross

Property: 99 Pennington Place, Mountain Village  

Price: $4.45 million

Seller: Awesome Ski Rentals LLC

Buyer: Anthony, Matthew and Judy Zaremba

Property: 327 Adams Ranch Road Unit 601, Telluride  

Price: $375,000

Seller: Uncompaghre Mental Health Services Inc

Buyer: Kodan Fisk LLC 

Property: 1175 Grand Ave., Norwood

Price: $240,000


Seller: Moms Ventures LLC

Buyer: Ryan Kretzer Trust 

Property: Albert J Road (vacant), Telluride  

Price: $599,000

Seller: 113 S Townsend LLC

Buyer: Alpine Haus LLC

Property: 113 South Townsend St., Telluride 

Price: $3.55 million

Seller: Alexander Pape Trust

Buyer: Wrights Land Development LLC

Property: Naturita Street (vacant), Norwood 

Price: $145,000

Seller: Mary Portnoy Trust

Buyer: Split River West LLC

Property: 100 Aspen Ridge Drive No. 19, Mountain Village

Price: $2.65 million


Seller: Robert and Barbara Snell  

Buyer: Demeter Holdings LLC 

Property: 117 Sunny Ridge Place No. A207

Price: $3.925 million

Seller: Bailey Investments 

Buyer: Parker and Melanie Duffey

Property: Rocky Road (vacant), Mountain Village

Price: $1.155 million 


Seller: Gloria Wenzik

Buyer: Donald Mitchell 

Property: 35 Pilot Knob Lane No. 305, Telluride

Price: $400,000

Seller: Bradley and Jennifer Voss

Buyer: Jeffrey and Mylieka Lubick

Property: Fairway Drive (vacant), Mountain Village 

Price: $595,000 

Seller: Hoku’ula LLC 

Buyer: Triad Frisco Partners LLC 

Property: East Gregory Avenue (vacant, lot 3), Telluride 

Price: $1.4 million 


Seller: Tyler and Carolyn Allen 

Buyer: Mark Callender 

Property: 567 Mountain Village Blvd. No. 415-5, Mountain Village

Price: $112,500

Seller: James Katzenberger Trust

Buyer: Charles King

Property: 135 San Joaquin Road No. 210-3, Mountain Village

Price: $15,000