The Gorraiz family, from left, Pippa, James, Zuzavie, Stanya, Maxwell and Kaizer. As owners of Steamines Burger Bar, the family has committed to sustainability, which the restaurant was recognized for in being named the Sustainable Burger Restaurant of the Year by the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards Guide this year. (Courtesy photo)

Steamies Burger Bar, which is popular for its steamed hamburgers, recently received international recognition for its sustainability efforts.

The restaurant at the beginning of Main Street (300 West Colorado Ave. Suite #1B) Telluride was named the Sustainable Burger Restaurant of the Year and is featured in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards Guide this year.

The Innovation Awards has identified the pioneers, groundbreakers, trailblazers and out-of-the-box thinkers from the corporate world,” a Corporate LiveWire news release stated. “Each of the award winners have changed the world in some way, both in large and small quantities by creating new technologies, setting new trends and evolving industry standards over the past 12 months.”

In 2020, 23,182 nominations from 32 countries were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire, a United Kingdom-based industry publishing company. Winners were chosen for industry recognition, innovative use of technology, marketing & branding, service excellence and ethical practice.

The judges were most impressed by Steamie’s method, and slogan that “steam makes everything better.”

“Conducting extensive research on steam and how best to optimize their burgers, the (Steamie’s) team has studied many factors, including patty size; type and grade of meat; cooking temperature and duration; type of steam oven; what customized demi-glace best enhances the flavor; and more. In the end, they found that their in-house developed method of steaming meat ensures that the flavors are infused, the taste is heightened and the juices remain, whilst the fats, oils and by-products run out. What is left is an incredibly tasty, juicy burger that you can feel good about eating, cementing their slogan: Steam makes everything better,” the award write-up in the guide reads.

Co-owner Stanya Gorraiz said that's exactly what the family owned restaurant has set out to do and the health compliments the active lifestyle of locals and visitors alike.

“Creating a totally unique and environmentally friendly cooking method has been a priority and the cornerstone of our business model from Day One. It is what sets us apart from others and makes Steamies Burger Bar a stand-alone and must-try in this highly competitive current marketplace,” Gorraiz said. “Our culinary concept is the perfect compliment to the healthy lifestyle of Telluride. We are so grateful to be recognized, not just locally but internationally, for our prioritization of sustainability. Environmentally conscious practices are not something typically associated with the burger sector of the restaurant industry, but it was our full intention to differentiate ourselves with this added awareness twist. To stand proud, and not only serve amazing culinary creations, but also remain committed to operating in the most eco-friendly way possible really matters to us.”

The award noted the restaurant’s low-waste practices and health conscious. It’s easy to see why Steamies isn’t your typical burger joint.

“The judges were highly impressed by the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability. Spending years developing their own customized steaming method to support their eco-friendly objectives, Steamies’ process guarantees that no harmful exhaust fumes are emitted into the air. Steamies also recycles wherever possible, using environmentally responsible products and intentionally presenting offerings in a low-waste way. Elsewhere, the burger joint has injected some creativity into its solutions, inventing an edible spoon for its custard. What could be more sustainable than eating your own cutlery?” the judges wrote.

“The kitchen serves up 100 percent Angus beef steamed burgers, as well as other natural, fresh options. Steam-based cooking lends itself to an incredibly healthy menu, with seven varieties of steamed vegetables being cooked in a specialized broth that brings out both their color and flavor. From Brussels sprouts with bacon to their signature lemon pepper parmesan green beans, there are plenty of health-conscious choices. All dishes can be enjoyed in a hip setting, with concrete, metal work, exposed structure, wood and brick creating the unique atmosphere that Steamies is now known for.”

But don’t take their word for it, try it for yourself.