Ashley Deppen

Ashley Deppen, of Telluride, will open Nested — a flower shop in the back of Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy — within the next month. (Courtesy photo)


A recent trip to Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy planted a seed of an idea in local Ashley Deppen’s mind — she wanted to open a flower shop in the store’s small space in the back. 

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.  

Deppen’s visit about a month ago just so happened to be the same day Telluride Juice Co. began moving out of the roughly 300-square-foot spot in search of a bigger space. (Juice Co. owner Joanna Grzeskowiak told the Daily Planet Tuesday she’s in “limbo” and still looking for a new spot.)

“I asked (pharmacy owner) Michelle Common what she’d like to see go in there and she said a flower shop,” Deppen explained. “It seemed serendipitous. … I signed a lease two weeks later.”

Common said the flower shop and pharmacy will “complement” each other. 

“We’re just thrilled to death about it,” she said. “I feel like she’s going to fill a real need in the town. When people are sick, people always want to take them a little gift, so I think flowers will be a great addition to their choices.”

Deppen said it’ll be like “a flower shop in a hospital.” Plus, pharmacy patients in need of pain medication can’t imbibe, Common said — noting the store’s alcohol offerings — so a flower can be the next best thing to assuage the ailing. 

She added the community response has been “overwhelming” and “wonderful” since she’s been spreading the word about Deppen’s new digs. 

Now, a month into the new solo venture, Deppen’s business is truly in bloom; she had been deciding on the final logo design Friday, the flower cooler will arrive Monday and the space already has a name.

“It’s going to be called Nested, because it’s going to be ‘nested’ in the back of Apotheca pharmacy,” she said. “…I’ve been looking for that nook of a place.”

She said the space will be like the “small pop-up flower shops you see in New York. 

“It can be just filled to the max with flowers and orchids and plants and small gifts and home goods,” she said. 

Deppen still has many decisions to make — like, should she do weddings and special events? What about deliveries? — but she plans to hold a soft opening the weekend of Telluride Balloon Festival June 1-3. She’ll be “full steam ahead” by Bluegrass festival weekend June 21-24, she added. 

“To start a business in just two months I feel like is a huge task,” she said. “I just want to get in there and get an idea of what Telluride wants.” 

While this is Deppen’s first foray into the business side of the flower world, she said her roots run deep when it comes to flora. 

“I really have a passion for gardening, and I just felt like we need (a fresh flowers shop) in town,” she said.  

Deppen said the timing of all this makes it feel “like it was meant to be” since right before chatting with Common that day at the pharmacy, she decided while visiting family in Southern California she was definitely going to open a flower shop in Telluride,.  

“I was going in these flower shops up and down the coast of Southern California getting ideas,” she said. “I said, ‘I’m going to go back to Telluride and make this happen. I can do this.’”

She added she looked at a few spaces in the past, but it “just didn’t seem like the right time.” 

In less than a month’s time, Deppen’s efflorescent floret fantasy will blossom, just in time for the summer season.