Jason and Joy Smith at Snowberry, a new coffee, smoothie and gelato stop located in the Franz Klammer breezeway on Heritage Plaza. (Courtesy photo)

There’s a lot happening this summer in Mountain Village, and at the center of it is Snowberry, a new coffee, smoothie and gelato stop located in the Franz Klammer breezeway on Heritage Plaza.

The new enterprise, which has its grand opening Saturday, is owned by Joy and Jason Smith, whose other gig is the popular Thai food cart Wok of Joy.

“This is going to be the most exciting summer ever in the core with the creation of the new bike flow trails, the open consumption rule, more live music and new businesses like the Telluride Distilling Co. and the food carts,” Jason Smith said. “We are bringing the Wok of Joy back all summer, including at the Sunset Concert series each Wednesday. Snowberry will provide refreshing tasty treats like gelato, bubble tea, fresh iced teas and killer smoothies.”

Snowberry might occupy a cozy space adjacent to Heritage Plaza, but its varied menu is expansive and includes gelato, sorbetto, smoothies, bubble tea, lassi, loose-leaf teas — iced and hot — plus pour-over coffee from different roasters every week and Thai-style coffee and tea drinks.

“Being in such a small space, we will focus on frequent rotating of menu items,” Jason Smith said. “The flavors of the gelato and sorbetto, which is vegan, will change every week. We will create special smoothies using whatever fruit is in season from the Western Slope.”

The Smiths also plan to incorporate some unusual fixings like maca root and cacao for their smoothies.

“These ingredients are known for doing things like increasing energy levels, anti-oxidants, stress release and other health benefits Telluriders will appreciate,” Smith said.

Bubble tea also features on the menu. The Taiwanese tea, which definitely seems to be having a moment, is usually topped with balls of chewy tapioca, called pearls or boba, that are sometimes fruit flavored.

“The bubble tea, or boba tea as it’s also known, will be a big hit too, I think,” Smith said. “We have several milky tea and fruit tea options and customers can choose between classic tapioca pearls or sweet fruity popping boba in their drink. Boba is super fun to drink, especially for kids who can get it with no tea if preferred.”

And then there is the coffee.

“As a coffee freak myself, I will offer three different roasters and beans at all times for a solid pour-over cup of coffee, providing some more coffee options not found at the other shops in the core,” Smith said. “Our loose-leaf tea and chai come from Maya Tea in Tucson. You can get a hot cup or an iced cup made to order. Maya has some amazing tea flavors. And if you’ve never had a lassi, a yogurt-based fruit smoothie, you’ll be blown away, especially the mango or passion fruit ones.”

Amazingly, the very existence of Snowberry is somewhat accidental.

Said Smith, “We needed a commercial kitchen for the Wok of Joy food cart. When we found this spot in the Core, we thought we could also do some fun drinks that can’t be found in Telluride, like bubble tea.”

He added that he and Joy “took possession of the space in mid-May and hustled to get equipment shipped in and the kitchen built. Overall, it was pretty smooth since we knew what we wanted to install.”

Local Deb Dion said she’s a fan of Wok of Joy and looks forward to sampling more from Jason and Joy. “I am addicted to the pad Thai at the Wok of Joy. Now I can’t wait to try the bubble tea.”