Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa owner Joanna Lyons gives Becky Boehm a cryotherapy facial Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Justin Criado/Telluride Daily Planet)

Since 2009, Joanna Lyons has been working in the local wellness industry, with a particular focus on holistic treatments. Whenever a new approach or instrument is created, she’s typically the first to bring it to town. When she opened her new Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa location at 333 West Colorado Ave. in 2018, she built a salt cave, which is still the only one of its kind on the Western Slope. She’s also the only one to offer an infrared sauna and colonics.

“I just really love innovative, new treatments. I find it really exciting. There are so many cool things that have come out. Wellness is my passion,” she said. “ … There is so much you can do holistically, and that’s the path I’ve always taken.”

Within the past month, Lyons purchased a new cryotherapy device and started offering various cryotherapy treatments, again becoming the first business to offer such sessions in the area.

Cryotherapy uses colder temperatures to treat everything from rosacea to weight loss. Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa offers both cryotherapy treatments, as well as several others, including pain management and facials.

“I’ve done a lot of pain management in the last few weeks, and I didn’t realize how many people there are walking around injured in this town,” Lyons said, adding the device can be used on almost any injury and is a good addition to traditional physical therapy. “ … It’s such a wide range. It’s very effective, but it depends on the injury and the person. Thirty seconds of this device is equivalent to 30 minutes of icing. When I’m working on someone’s knee, for example, and I’m doing four to six minutes, then they’re getting two to three hours of icing, which you simply can’t do. It speeds up everything.”

While taking an ice bath is also technically considered cryotherapy, the device used at Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa offers so much more, Lyons said, as there are various settings, particularly 30, 60 or 90 second duration options. Pain management sessions have been popular so far, but sculpting and facial offerings are just as sought after. Lyons explained what happens during and after a cryotherapy appointment.

“We create thermal shock. The body then sends all the blood to the area to warm it up, and blood contains all the oxygen, nutrients and hormones the cells need to help rejuvenate and repair,” she said.

The slimming, sculpting and cellulite sessions are also much more affordable than CoolSculpting most may be familiar with, which can be abrasive and leave bruising. Plus, more sessions are usually required to achieve desired results.

“What happens is if you can get the fat to a certain temperature it crystallizes and then the lymphatic system flushes it through. It really aids you if you’re healthy, exercising and eating well. You’ll have better results because your lymphatic system will flush things through much faster and easier,” Lyons said of the cryo device treatments.

Becky Boehm, who also works at the spa, has completed several sculpting sessions and is happy with outcomes so far.

“It was a really cool experience. Going into it I definitely thought it was going to be colder and more shocking, but to have 60 or 90 seconds at a time was really manageable. The results were great,” she said.

Lyons said results are noticeable after the first treatment, but the best results usually occur up to six weeks after, which is how long it typically takes the lymphatic system to expel toxins.

“Most people see some results after just one session, but you won’t really get the full results until up to six weeks after,” she said. “ … It’s cold, but it’s comfortable. It’s not invasive at all.”

So what exactly does it feel like? It’s harder to explain than one may think. When this reporter sat in the chair, the device kicked on with a hum, and then a jet of cold air shot from the tip. Once Lyons began running the device along the biceps and upper arm area, the cool stream felt like just that, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or overbearing, especially since we were doing 60-second segments.

Lyons explained she liked to outline the muscles, as cryo treatments help with definition. Several adjustments were made during our brief session in showing the different applications of the device. One included a flat head that was cooled down then rubbed over the skin to make it smoother.

The procedure was enjoyable, as well as intriguing, to someone who wasn’t familiar with cryotherapy.

Lyons explained she plans to offer specials throughout the year, including a local option. Packages are available as well.

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