Sutton Schuler and Jennifer Ogilvie, the co-founders of Ladies Only golf apparel. The clothing was conceived in Telluride, manufactured in Los Angeles, and will be on display in a pop-up trunk show Mar. 17-18 at On Main.  (Courtesy photo)

Telluride resident Jennifer Ogilvie, a beginner golfer, played a lot during the pandemic.

“Properly socially distanced, acceptable during the summer of 2020,” said Ogilvie (whose handicap is 31).

The only trouble was, Ogilvie and her partner, Sutton Schuler — handicap 15 — “noticed we were running out of clothing options.”

They were not alone: dissatisfaction with golfing attire is a subject that “comes up a lot” between ladies on the links, Ogilvie said.

Schuler and Ogilvie were uniquely placed to make a difference. Both have backgrounds in luxury retail and entrepreneurship. As they were figuring out the problem — between rounds of golf — they were also discussing what do do about it (a lot of deals get done on golf courses).

The locally-owned-and-operated, all-female business they founded, Ladies Only golf apparel, was “born out of desire to bring a more fashionable approach to women’s golf,” Ogilvie said simply. “Because of the rise in athleisure wear across all sports, the basics, such as black golf skirts, are easy to find. However, there is a serious lack of color options, fashion prints and tailored items in this space. We work with a fashion house in Manhattan to develop each of our unique prints.”

The clothing itself is made in Los Angeles (the manufacturing spot “was non-negotiable for us, and will always remain in the U.S.,” Ogilvie said).

Ogilvie and Schuler’s new business officially launched last September; today and tomorrow, you can view their new-style golf attire: cool, casual, breezy and fit for either links or drinks — or as Ogilvie put it, “Nine and wine” — at a pop-up apparel show. The show is at On Main, which is owned by Ellen Geldbaugh, “a fellow woman business-owner who has been so supportive,” Thursday and Friday. Speaking of drinks: Volley, the high-end tequila-cocktail-spritzer manufacturer, will be joining the party tonight. “We began enjoying Volley will playing golf,” Ogilvie explained. At On Main, and online (at, you will find classic a-line skirts, quarter-zip jackets, tee tanks, and “regulation quarter-zip” shirts in surprisingly upbeat patterns: think traditional houndstooth, elevated to the ninth degree in “punk pink, for on or off the course,” for example.

“The weather at Mountain Village can turn on a dime, so we added cashmere, to stay help you stay warm,” Ogilvie said. “Our climate definitely motivated us to add a piece of cashmere. We purchase the highest-quality yarn from Scotland, and knit in L.A. No matter where you live, we feel these pieces are easy to incorporate into both your golf wardrobe and ready-to-wear.”

Cashmere is perceived as heavy — even hot — but it is actually breathable, and can be quite light. It is also perceived as expensive, yet the sweaters Ladies Only offer retail for less than $400, which is reasonable in the realm of luxury fibers.

“Our clothes work for a variety of activities: golf, tennis, hiking and grabbing a cocktail at the end of the day,” Ogilvie summed up.

A cocktail spritzer, perhaps, at an apparel show On Main.