Adam Trent

Illusionist and magician Adam Trent is performing at the Michael D. Palm Theatre Monday (tomorrow) evening. (Courtesy photo)

One of the original star magicians in Broadway’s “The Illusionist,” Adam Trent, will perform at the Palm Monday, December 30 at 7 p.m.

Trent, born and raised in Boulder, has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show and even has his own TV show, The Road Trick, available on RedBull TV and Netflix.

“Adam Trent is part of the next generation of magic and is always pushing the boundaries with new and exciting illusions,” said Chris Vann, programming and development director at the Palm. “The Telluride audience is not going to believe their eyes.”

Trent has essentially been a magician for his entire life, and began to dabble in magical arts at the age of eight, when he received a book on magic.  

“I saw David Copperfield that same year and it was kind of a combination of those two things where I just realized very quickly the way that people reacted to it,” Trent said.

He performed at his first kid’s birthday party when he was just 10 years old.

“The kids were the same age as me,” Trent said. He later moved to LA for college and continued learning, practicing and performing magic until he graduated.

“When I got out of college, when I was 21 or so, I started performing on cruise ships all around the world. And that was the real beginning of my professional career,” he said.

He performed at small theatres all over the country but things really kicked off when he was selected for the inaugural cast of Broadway’s best-selling magic show “The Illusionists.”

“That really changed my life,” Trent said. He spent three years on Broadway before teaming up with “The Illusionists” producers to create a solo tour called Holiday Magic. “It's kind of a combination of magic, comedy and music, (with) a holiday twist to it,” Trent explained, adding that the show includes live music from America’s Got Talent finalist, Evie Clair.

“It’s like a magic show for people who didn’t know they like magic shows,” Trent said.

Trent is passionate about not only delivering an awe-inspiring magic and illusion show but also creating an all-encompassing entertainment experience with a lot of audience participation.

“The audience participation is what people really remember,” Trent said. “I'm constantly bringing people up on stage.”

He explained that he even finds ways to get every individual audience member to participate at the same time.

“There's even things where the entire audience has magic happen in their hands simultaneously within the show, which is something really unique,” Trent said. “We can have 1,000 people in the theater and each person experiences a magic trick in their own hands, at the same moment.”

Trent is known for having a more futuristic style of magic.

“I clone myself on stage, I teleport across the stage, I travel back in time in the middle of the audience and then make videos to prove it,” Trent said. “It's kind of an interesting type of magic.”

While the focus is primarily on magic and illusion, Trent also works hard to entertain the audience.

“What it means to be a good magician is really what it means to be an entertainer. I think that magic needs to be entertaining first and tricky second,” Trent explained. “When people come to the show, will they be fooled? Yes, of course they'll absolutely be fooled. But more so importantly to me is that they're entertained.”

Trent performed in Telluride at the Palm about five years ago.

“It was just a fantastic experience so I'm excited to come back and kind of show everyone the way the show has evolved and changed,” Trent said. “It's a different show than they saw last time. I’ve certainly evolved as a performer.”

Trent advised that if you missed the show the last time he was in town, you won’t want to miss it this time, noting how his show gained popularity after his last Telluride performance.

“It was one of those things where after I left Telluride, the number of emails I got from people saying, ‘Oh, our friends just came back and told us about it, will you be coming back anytime soon?’ Hopefully people take advantage of the fact that I’m there for one night only and then by the time they hear about it the next day, I’ll be gone,” Trent said.

In addition to his holiday tour, Trent also has another TV show in the works that will premiere next year.

“Anytime a world class artist like Adam Trent comes to a magical location like

Telluride, the audience is guaranteed a once in a lifetime show,” Vann concluded. Tickets are for reserved seats only and on sale at

Adult tickets are $35 and student tickets are $25. VIP tables that seat four guests are also available for $180. Advanced tickets are recommended as additional charges apply for door tickets sales.

For more information, check out the Palm’s website or visit Trent’s website at