A female Mariachi band, A Cuban mambo band, a country songstress and a New Orleans funk machine: these were just a few of the styles of music represented this year in the 2019 Sunset Concert Series lineup.

Series producer Teddy Errico has created a veritable musical gumbo on the Sunset Concert stage adjacent to the top of Lift 1.

“After several years of doing the series, we started seeing some of the same faces, and I felt it was time to switch it up,” Errico said. “ And with Telluride Mountain Village Owner’s Association (TMVOA) funding the series, you can be more adventurous and take more chances, because when the music is free, people will go see music they might not normally see. And audiences have really responded.”

Tonight (Wednesday), the series concludes with a straight-ahead rock ’n’ roll outfit from the streets of Philadelphia — Mo Lowda & the Humble.

Mo Lowda began with three high school kids. Those kids all ended up at the same college in Philadelphia, where other kids wanted them to play at their basement parties. The band has moved out of the basement and into clubs and stages all over the country. Mo Lowda & the Humble now average 100-plus tour dates a year, nationally and internationally, including festivals like Firefly, Peach Fest, Mountain Jam and more. The band has recorded two full-length albums and an EP. The band is slated to release its third full-length in early 2020.

Mo Lowda is Jordan Caiola on guitars and vocals, Shane Woods on drums, and Jeff Lucci on bass.

When asked to describe the band’s sound, former bassist Nate Matulis told the Huffington Post, “It’s tough, because our whole mentality is that we never really want to get lumped in with a given genre or style. The easy answer is alternative rock or progressive. We’ve got so many different influences coming in from every end of the spectrum, so it makes it very hard to really define our sound simply.”

“I like how we influence each other,” Woods added. “We all listen to so much different music and take from a lot of different places.”

Those influences include names you rarely hear lumped together: My Morning Jacket, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Jaco Pastorius, Pink Floyd and Victor Wooten, among others.

As peculiar as their influence is their name, which happened by accident. “When bouncing ideas off of each other over the phone, Jordan suggested ‘Mo Lowda & the Jungle,’ which Shane misheard as ‘the Humble.’ The name stuck,” Matulis said. “We like to think that our sound is kind of described by the name of the band: abrupt shifts between a heavy, ‘Mo Lowda’ part and softer, stripped down ‘Humble’ parts.”

When Mo Lowda & the Humble walk off the stage as the sun sets over Mount Wilson, Errico will be filled with a sense of fulfillment.

“The concert series has been fantastic this summer; the attendance often exceeding 1,200 people has exceeded our expectations,” Errico said of this summer’s series. “We knew the bands were good this summer, but they exceeded our expectations, and the feedback from our attendees has been very positive. The last show will be a lot of fun and we look forward to delivering more entertaining music in 2020.

“I personally would like to thank TMVOA, the Town of Mountain Village, the enthusiasm of their staff and all of our sponsors,” Errico said. “They make life easy for me and make my job so much easier. I actually get to enjoy the music.”

And enjoyable it was.