Weekend music

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe will close out the weekend entertainment slate with two shows at Club Red Sunday and Monday nights. (Courtesy photo)

Other than it being President’s Day weekend, aka a three-day break from the grind for most, it’s also Valentine’s Day today (Friday). The heart-shaped holiday is typically celebrated with roses, cavity creating candy and expensive meals for two. But this is 2020, and traditional romance is so 20th century. There’s a pub in the United Kingdom that’s having a “self-love” special for single narcissists, complete with a mirror so you can stare into your own eyes as you watch yourself eat, which sounds worse than dining out alone on Valentine’s Day, but whatever floats your boat. If you can’t skip across the pond for the special, don’t worry; there are some local happenings that are sure to be a good time for couples and loners alike.

Telluride’s one and only punk rock band, Ho Fun Deluxe, is hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Heartbreak Special, with openers DJ Kentendo and drummer Cueva Cuev, at 9:30 p.m. at O’Bannon’s. The cover is $5.

The promo posters read, “Dance to tales of crushed hopes, two-timing bums, lost love, rejection, low-down cheats, spurned advances, doomed affairs and unrequited love.”

When reached for comment earlier this week during band practice, lead singer and guitarist Roxy Cox gave a quote too raunchy to reprint in this family friendly newspaper, but she knew it.

“Pretty sure none of this will make it into the paper,” she said. 

If you’re curious about what she said, check out the show Friday night. Inside scoop: She’ll also be debuting a new guitar — a custom with a Telecaster body and Seymour Duncan hot rails. Plus, word on the street is she may even hop behind the drum kit for a ditty, like Shakira did during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, after she played guitar for approximately one second, or the length of a power chord.

The band also reported bassist Mariachi Feedback tore open one of his fingers, but he’ll survive (he managed to fix it with some duct tape). “Duct it,” he said.

Drummer Sticks “Ned” McCrackin added, “Save your money.”

If free self-loathing is what you’re looking for, the Liberty is celebrating Singles Appreciation Day with a dance party at 10 p.m., featuring DJ Castle.

“We don't ask why you're married, so stop asking us why we're single,” the promo reads. “This is a party to celebrate freedom of all kinds. And for those of you with lovers and significant others, we applaud you in your lovie-dovie smooching on this weird Hallmark holiday and invite you to join us in celebrating our singledom. Enjoy a dance party with DJ Castle no matter your relationship status on this, a Friday in February.”

Again, the price is free “because love should be.”

But what about the day after Valentine’s Day? The Liberty is hosting Sticks N’ Thorns, Leftover Salmon banjoist Andy Thorn’s new project with flatpicking guitarist Jon Stickley of the Jon Stickley Trio, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance.

“Sticks N’ Thorns is going to be one of those nights folks talk about for a while,” Liberty manager Lindsey Mills said. “These two are major names in the jam grass scene and will throw a pickin’ party the likes which we usually only see in late June. Imagine you and your best friend got to jam together. It’s sure to be a hilariously charming show, producing a sound that’s truly special.”

Close out the weekend at Mountain Village’s Club Red, as Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe will be playing there Sunday and Monday nights in promoting the band’s latest record, “Gnomes & Badgers” (2019). Both shows start at 8 p.m.; tickets start at $35. Visit clubredtelluride.com for more information.

Denson, whose other job is playing saxophone for the Rolling Stones, loves performing in this town, as Club Red’s Denise Mongan called him a “a local favorite in Tellurde.”    

"I’ve been coming to Telluride for about 25 years,” Denson said. “It’s always so much fun to play there. I still can’t believe how beautiful it is. The nature in and of itself helps to inspire and push the music in new directions. Not to mention that I can’t wait get up on my favorite mountain and do some skiing.”