Art + Architecture

Home tours are a highlight of Art + Architecture weekend. This home on the Telluride tour features work by Zinque Design, MiXX Projects and Sante Architecture. (Photo courtesy of Abie Livesay)

Telluride Arts District is holding its seventh annual Art + Architecture event this week filled with art-focused affairs both ticketed and free to the public. The week will build to a weekend of elaborate and interactive house tours in both the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village.

“We wanted to create an event that showcased the whole of our creative community and that’s how we came up with the Art + Architecture weekend,” explained Telluride Arts executive director, Kate Jones. “The main motivation being to profile our local talent, and connect them with each other, and potential patrons.”

The week features a mix of events showcasing art from local and visiting artists in categories including culinary, performance, interactive, installation art, architecture, dance, lighting, virtual reality, music, libations, interior design and more.

“There are some amazing artists in this town,” said Jodie Wright, committee member of A+A and local architect who has been involved with the event since its conception. “I feel like this is an opportunity to give credibility and exposure to people who are real artists.”

The week of A+A started Monday and Tuesday with a launch party celebrating Telluride Arts’ new online marketplace and an A+A edition of Twenty(by)Telluride.

Today’s events begin with a free artist talk at Telluride Arts’ headquarters with local artist Meredith Nemirov.

Wednesday also marks the beginning of several public art installations taking place throughout the week. Wednesday’s installation will be at the Transfer Warehouse, showcasing landscape artist Stacy Passmore.

Thursday includes a private patron party for sponsors and passholders at a private home in Telluride.

Friday, local artist Danielle DeRoberts and visiting muralist Lindee Zimmer will start working on a public installation in Elks Park. Over the weekend, the pair will design, build and paint walls and then construct a room in the park.

“Anyone can see public art,” DeRoberts said. “They just walk by and have this instant moment of surprise.”

DJ Katy Mason will provide tunes at Elks Park on Friday as well. “She plays only vinyl, like old 45 records,” DeRoberts said. “She’s pretty awesome.”

Also, on Friday, Passmore will host a show on KOTO at noon to talk about sustainable design and landscape architecture.

The event schedule continues Saturday with a historical walking tour for A+A passholders, presented by Ashley Boling.

Saturday also spearheads the main event for A+A with two days of home tours; one day in the town of Telluride and one day in Mountain Village.

Each day of tours will present passholders with four homes and one alternative venue. “Each venue is essentially designed by a team of people and our requirement is that there is an artist, a chef and a design professional on each team,” Jones explained.

“They are all working together to create a theme, an aura, an idea that they want to get across and to offer the best experience,” Telluride Arts’ Elodie Jacobson said. “At the end of the weekend, everyone votes on their favorite team.”

Jones said that the tours offer an intimate experience.

“We structure it with a very limited capacity; only about 300 to 350 people go through the homes on each day, so it gives everyone an opportunity to really talk to the artists, get a home tour with an architect or designer, talk to the chefs, savor the food, understand the wine that they’re drinking and really have a deep experience with the event.”

Saturday’s tour focuses on the town of Telluride with The Boarding House as the alternative venue. “The architect is going to come in from Aspen and we’re going to have the Housing Committee there, led by Amy Levek and Katherine Borsenik,” Jacobson said.

The Boarding House will have baked goods by Damon Nilsson and artwork by Boarding House tenants.  

Saturday’s tour will also feature three modern-styled homes including a penthouse, a brand new home and a mountainside home. Jacobson outlined the team featured at the new home as “an amazing collaboration with Zinque Design, MiXX Projects and Sante Architects.”

“They’re working really hard to curate a bunch of artists in this beautiful home and they’re going to have the chefs from the National, Ross Martin and Erich Owen,” she said.

The mountainside home will feature virtual reality, food by Pandora Catering, Jay Einbender on the grand piano and There Bar with libations, Jacobson said.

The last home of Saturday’s tour is the penthouse of a building originally constructed in the late 1800s. The penthouse will spotlight chef Jason Lemon, Slate Gray Gallery, architect Tommy Hein, interior designer Jeffrey Lincoln, art by Jonas Fahenstock and Goedele Vanhille, libations from Old Elk Distillery and burlesque from Telluride Theatre’s House of Shimmy Shake. “It has a ton of really awesome components,” Jacobson said.

The historical home on Saturday’s tour will feature Finn Hall, an old community center for Swedish and Finnish miners. “We are going to recreate the vibe that was once there,” Jacobson said. Finn Hall’s team includes the Telluride Historic Museum, chef Roscoe Kane, music by Porch Wood and art by Kathy Green.

Saturday’s events close with The Science of Cocktails party, a ticketed event hosted by the Pinhead Institute at the Transfer Warehouse.

Events will continue Sunday with an hour-long artist coffee talk at Gallery 81435 with DeRoberts and Zimmer at 10 a.m. The event is free and will offer baked goods by sponsor The Butcher and Baker Cafe.

Sunday also includes home tours in Mountain Village where passholders will be chauffeured from location to location in specially chartered vehicles.  

The alternative venue for Mountain Village is a new project by Wright and Natalie Binder called Camp V, a boutique camping experience and collective space in Naturita. Elements of Camp V will be set up in Heritage Plaza with an Airstream and VW bus, along with DJ Katy Mason spinning 50s, 60s and 70s vinyl, custom firepits by Keith D’Angelo, gourmet bites from Shake N Dog Grub Shack and drinks from Telluride Brewing.

The Mountain Village tour will also include a historical element with one of the first homes built on the mountain. That home will offer an outdoor installation by Katy Parnello, music by Spadefoot and food by chef Hali Terrell.

The tour will also showcase a brand new home with chef Angelee Aurillo, art by Micheline Klagsburn, floral installation by Emily Balou of Bridal Veil Floral, interactive art by visiting artist Britt Markey, music by Alex Paul and 3D style lighting by John Kirk Drogsvold.

Another modern home on the tour will offer a tea ceremony by Colin Hudon, art by local artists Frans Valk, Emily Palmquist and Alicia Nogueira, music by Luke Adamson and food by Patrick Laguens and Neil McKinley.

The remaining home on the village tour will highlight a lodge-style home from Fuse Architecture. At this home, chef Kendra Wilcox will be teaming up with metalsmith Jill Rikkers who will create stainless steel, copper and bronze dining ware. “The chef and the artist are working directly really well,” Jacobson said. Additionally, the home will have a performance by the Telluride Dance Collective and art from Valerie Franzese.

The weekend will conclude with a closing party at La Marmotte where ticket holders can enjoy food, drinks and vote on their favorite home experience.

Wright said A+A is really about the people involved. “More than anything, I appreciate the team aspect. I really don’t think anything happens in life without a little bit of help from your friends,” she said.

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