The Mahoney Drive Party Choir's First Annual Flatliner Express Singalong is at the Transfer Warehouse Thursday from 3-5 p.m. (Photo by Eva Thomas/Telluride Daily Planet)

In spreading some Christmas cheer, Telluride Arts presents the Mahoney Drive Party Choir's First Annual Flatliner Express Singalong at the Transfer Warehouse Thursday from 3-5 p.m.

“We wanted to do something for the holidays being town is so crowded and that it is difficult for people to be indoors. It's great we can provide a space people feel comfortable in,” said Jereb Carter, the Transfer Warehouse manager.

Thursday evening's event will feature songs the whole family can sing along to — even dogs are welcome. The night will start with holiday classics, like “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” As the evening progresses, it will transition into more adult-oriented songs, like the Beatles, explained Sean Mahoney, who got together a band just for the event.

Mahoney — a musical theater composer, guitar player and DJ — said he jumped on the opportunity when organizers asked if he wanted to put together a holiday show. Mahoney recruited Telluride local Megan Knowles on vocals, and Jeff Miller on mandolin and fiddle to help keep attendees in a relatively similar key. Mahoney looks forward to the singalong being an annual event in Telluride.

“I just wanted to start a tradition in town where everyone kind of gathers around the fire and sings. The whole impetus for it was like, whether it's balmy or it's icy, we have this wonderful space that has been such a great source of community and gathering since COVID,” Mahoney said.

The name “Flatliner Express Singalong” is a play on words inspired by the Christmas movie “The Polar Express.”

“Everybody is riding the Flatliner Express, as it were,” Mahoney said.

The Flatliner itself is a staple cocktail in town. The drink is typically made with 1 ½ ounces of vodka, Kahlua, Baileys and chilled espresso.

According to, “the Flatliner is arguably the signature drink of Telluride.”

“People who come to this popular mountain town are generally looking for the type of adrenaline-filled holiday that is packed with skiing, mountain biking and hiking, rather than lounging by a pool all day. It's no wonder that the town's cult cocktail, rightfully named 'The Flatliner,' is made to get you tipsy yet keep you going for hours,” according to the website.

The Flatliner is sure to keep you warm and make you sound a bit louder than normal while belting out carols in the warehouse. But Flatliners will not be the only drink available on Thursday, Carter said.

“We will have lots of hot drink specials. Hot chocolate for the kids, hot cider for the parents,” he added.

There will be heaters and fireplaces placed throughout the open warehouse. Attendees are encouraged to dress warm, yet festive.

People can expect a wide arrange of holiday songs over the course of the evening. Mahoney's favorite holiday album is the Beach Boys’ “Christmas album,” but he also added that “a bunch of us are in a huge Beatles phase.” Mahoney and the band will also take song requests.

“Christmas songs are nostalgic to different people for different reasons. Each one has its own kind of trigger, which is why I think holiday music endures so much,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney wrote a song specifically for the singalong called “Twelve Days of Telluride Christmas,” placing a local and unique spin on the “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Carter and Mahoney both envision the evening being a true family and community event.

“It's been so long since so many of us have hung out, and everyone's been so safe and so good here, and still we're in this place of not really always feeling like we can hang out. It's nice to have a connection and sing stuff we all love and hum tunes and have a minute together right before Christmas,” Mahoney said. “There's no better place to be at Christmas.”

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