MAY 20

IN THE WEEDS: While on foot patrol looking for a possible trespasser, on officer found a man sleeping on a top floor landing of a condo. Evidence of weed about the man was noticeable both via olfactory senses and sight. While running the man’s data, it was found he had a failure to appear warrant hanging over his head, so he went to the pokey for that.

MAY 28

I’M NOT DRUNK, I JUST BEEN DRINKING: An officer was called to the medical center by a doctor concerned about a patient who had pulled a knife from his pocket when a nurse entered the exam room to check on him. Smelling the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage on the man’s person, the officer ran a check on him and discovered he was under a protection order that specified no drinking. When asked if he’d been drinking, the man said he had the day before. He blew a .262 and was arrested for violating his protection order.

HIT AND RUN: A hit and run was reported in the Clark’s parking lot when a man heard a crash and turned to see a Nissan with Oklahoma tags near a Toyota with damage. He talked to the woman driving the Nissan who indicated she would leave contact info. The man went into the store, located the owner of the Toyota that had been tagged and when the two went back outside, the Nissan was gone. And there was no note.


MAY 27

FOUND:  A hiker found a piece of equipment that had been reported stolen. It was restored to its owner and the suspect identified.

HIGHTAILING IT: A truck hauling a camper was driving rapidly through Norwood. The driver earned a written warning for speeding a weaving.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: An ongoing tenant-landlord dispute is under investigation.

PHOTO BOMB: A deputy stopped to assist a motorist pulled over on Highway 145. All was fine. They were taking photos of rafters on the river.

DE-KEYED: A Norwood resident reported stolen keys.

MAY 28

FOUND: A Norwood resident reported finding a bag with paperwork and other items on his property. Deputies will attempt to locate the owner.

LOCKED OUT: Deputies helped a motorist regain entry into his car.

UNCIVIL: A county resident made a report of a civil dispute that is bordering on harassment.

May 29

MISS DIAL: She’s often the culprit in erroneous 911 calls.

NOBODY HOME: Otherwise, the subject would have been arrested for warrants.

BOVINE BLOCKAGE: A cow in the road in Norwood was dealt with by its owners.

MAY 30

RETRACTED: A report of a stolen bike rack in Lawson Hill was later reported to have been returned.

NO ONE DRESSES UP TO FLY ANYMORE: A report of a suspicious male loitering near the Telluride airport proved unwarranted when it was revealed he had a boarding pass and was waiting for his flight.

WARRANT ARREST: A Telluride female was apprehended for violating a protection order.

AND ANOTHER: A Telluride man was arrested on a county warrant.

GROWING UP: A teenager unhappy with his parents’ parenting called the SMSO. The parents were contacted and it was determined nothing criminal was involved.

MAY 31

JUST KIDS: A possible burglary/trespass reported in Lawson Hill was nothing more than kids walking along a trail with flashlights.

TRESPASSERS WIL: The offending party in a report of trespass was warned to stay off the reporting party’s property or he would be cited.


NOT TRUCKIN’: A deputy assisted a man with gaining entry into his truck where he keys were.

ROCK SOLID: A rock on Norwood Hill caused considerable damage to the car that hit it, rending the car useless.

HIGH CENTERED: A semi on Highway 62 was high centered but had resolved his issue by the time deputies were able to get there.


MENTAL HEALTH ASSIST: Deputies and Norwood medical services aided a mental health subject.

CARELESS: A careless driver was reported but could not be located.

EMS ASSIST: A deputy responded to a residence near Norwood with a medical call.


MAY 20

IN THE ZONE: The school zone, that is. Officers kept it safe.

RADAR LOVE: Officers conducted radar enforcement on MV byways.

GOTCHA: A motorist was issued a verbal warning for speeding.

GARAGE ROCK: Officers conducted a security check in the Heritage parking garage.

SLIPPED AWAY: Officers responded to a report of a car that had slid off the road but when they arrived, it was no longer there.

ALARMED: But nothing criminal involved in a false alarm.

MAY 21

AUDIBLE ON THE PLAY: A speeding motorist was given a verbal warning about hasty conduct on MV roads.

WHERE THERE’S AN ALARM: There was no fire, even though an alarm indicated otherwise.

WORKING IN THE CORE: Officers patrolled the MV center on this day.

IF A TREE FALLS: On the road, MV officials will have it removed.

MAY 22

CHECK ONE, CHECK TWO: Officers conducted various serious checks and traffic patrol on this day.

TONGUE LASHING: A verbal warning was given to a motorist traveling in excess of the posted speed limit.

EMS ASSIST: Officers were on hand to assist emergency medical services on a call.

NO CAMPING: Officers responded to two separate reports of someone camping in their vehicle, but both cars were unoccupied.

FAUX ALARMS: Fire and security alarms were deemed to be false.

MAY 23

I THOUGHT YOU GAVE THEM THE CODE: Workers set off an alarm.

READ MY LIPS: Slow down was the message to a speeding motorist.

DECAMPED: A vehicle suspected of being a rolling residence was gone when officers went back to investigate.

MAY 24

SCOFFLAW GETS THE BOOT: A vehicle was booted.

EMS ASSIST: Officers assisted EMTs caring for an ill 75-year-old male

CITIZEN ASSIST: Officers assisted someone locked out of their abode.

GOING CASHLESS: Officers took a report of a lost wallet.

FIRE ASSIST: Officers stood by as Telluride Fire crews handled a fire thought to have been a result of an electrical issue.

IGNORING THE OCTAGON: Blowing a stop sign in MV will get you a good talking-to.

HITCHING A RIDE: An officer provided a courtesy transport to an individual stranded in the Village Center.

BAR CHECK, ONE, TWO: All was well in a local watering hole.

MAY 25

GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN: A resident burned some food, resulting in the arrival of professionals trained to deal with that sort of thing.

LET ME IN: A resident was aided in regaining entry into their home.


 MAY 26

USING HIS WORDS: To warn a speeder.

BREAK IT UP: Brawling parties at a local tavern were separated.

ON PATROL: Keeping things safe.

HOW YOU DOIN’?: All was well at a couple of bars the officers visited.