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Seems like everyone is in back to work mode after the holiday break — at least locally. While the federal government shutdown drags on, county staff is working hard — and all are ready to make 2019 a great year in San Miguel County.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a column about all of my non-resolutions. Essentially, the things I would continue doing even though it’s a new year. I did this because I didn’t want to make another resolution that I would not be able to keep, as I have in so many past years. Frankly,…

On Dec. 18, President Trump surprised us all by announcing a sudden pullout of our troops in Syria (said to number over 2,000). “Our boys, our young women, our men, they’re all coming back now. We won, and that’s the way we want it,” he said, while bizarrely pointing towards heaven during th…